Britney Spears is pregnant with the 3rd baby!

Britney Spears, Sam Asgary

Britney Spears, Sam Asgary

Britney Spears, pregnant, shares previous fights with singer frustration and says she plans to avoid paparazzi

Alexa, play “Baby One More Time” Britney Spears.

The pop singer-songwriter announced on Instagram on Monday, April 11 that she was expecting a baby with her actor fianc. Sam Asgari, Says he will avoid public outings and paparazzi as much as possible. She further shared that she had struggled with postpartum depression in previous pregnancies.

In its caption, Britney Spears Said

I lost so much weight on my Maui trip just to get it back I thought “Giz কি what happened to my stomach ???” My husband said, “No, you pregnant food fool !!!” So I did a pregnancy test… and uhhhh well… I have a baby… 4 days later I got a little more pregnant food / it’s growing !!! If 2 people were there… I could lose it… I obviously wouldn’t go out as much as Papara got their money shot from me as unfortunately they already got it… It’s hard because I had perinatal depression when I was pregnant… I have to say it’s absolutely Horrible women didn’t talk about it then. Some people think it’s dangerous if a woman complains about having a baby inside her. But now women talk about it every day. Thanks to Jesus we don’t do that to keep the pain a secret. Will… This time I will do yoga every day !!! Spread lots of joy and love !!! “

Britney Spears via IG

Britney SpearsThe news of the pregnancy comes five months after she was released from a 13-year archive controlled by her father Jamie Spears. As a result, the singer successfully regained control of her personal life and finances for the first time since 2008.

The spear And Sam Asgari, Who betrothed his 12-year-old junior, in September 2021 The two began dating in 2016 after appearing on the set of the “Slumber Party” music video. Within hours of the engagement, news began to spread that a prenuptial agreement was already working for protection. The spear‘Assets and net worth of $ 60 million.

The singer is already a mother of two, Shawn Preston16, and Jaden James15, both she shares with her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

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