Caleb addresses all his absence

Tell her the truth! 90 day engagement: 90 days ago Star Caleb Greenwood Season 5 addresses his apparent absence.

“As everyone has noticed and as announced in the episode, I’m not at all,” the Arizona native explained via his Instagram. Sunday, April 3, shortly after Part 1 airs on TLC. “I wish my colleagues the best of 90 days of casting. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week as all the couple’s relationship status will be revealed. ”

That same night, Caleb took to Tic Tac Toe to share more ridiculous reactions to his absence. “The PPL is saying ‘you don’t tell everyone,'” he wrote in the episode’s clip, as he lifted himself up on stage to his clients, when he nodded to De Savage’s song, “I know.”

Caleb, 28, and Alina Kozevnikova27, They are the only couple not invited to the season finale and host Shawn Robinson Didn’t provide any additional details at the time, it had something to do with the Russian native’s past social media behavior.

As In contact As previously reported, Alina was fired from the franchise in January 2022 Her old racist and offensive social media posts have resurfaced online The network has decided that they will no longer shoot his story.

“TLC has stopped filming with Alina Kozevnikova following the recent discovery of her past social media statements,” the network said in a statement. Our weekly 26 January. “He will not be appearing in the upcoming Tell-All, in any future season of the franchise, and starting next month, he will not be appearing in Before the 90 Days. TLC does not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind. “

In the deleted posts displayed on Alina’s Instagram and Facebook page, the TLC star used the n-word in the caption of a photo of herself dressed as a male character. While it is not certain when the photos were posted, he appeared in another malicious post where he was wearing traditional Indian attire. “Married today. Became the 134th wife! [heart eyes emoji]”The caption has been read.

Following her termination, Alina issued an apology in a YouTube video, entitled “Taking Responsibility for My Activities.”

“I’m not looking for sympathy or excuses,” he explained in a 50-minute video. “I am still working to get better. I’m really open to some constructive criticism … part of the mistakes. “

The scandal surfaced on social media just a month after the pair’s TLC debut 90 day engagement: 90 days ago. Caleb followed the series on his way to Turkey to meet Alina after connecting with her on social media more than 13 years ago. After struggling to transform their relationship from platonic to romantic, Caleb explained on the show that he did not see a future with the Russian native in the end. “I care deeply about Elena, so seeing her like this really makes me cry. I hope he sees that I am trying, that I have made all these efforts, “he said. “But at the moment, I can’t be committed to Alina.”

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