Cam Newton explains what sets a woman apart from a bad B * tch: you don’t know how

Cam Newton

Cam Newton explains what sets a woman apart from bad B * t: You don’t know how to allow a man to lead

Cam Newton Says there is a major difference between a woman and a bad b * tch!

In a recent interview, NFL Quarterback shared her thoughts on what a woman’s role should be and the things she admires and seeks. During the episode on Sunday (April .10) Millions of dollars worth of games The podcast, the 32-year-old athlete – who played for the New England Patriots last season and is currently a free agent – discusses his upbringing and how it formed him. Cam Newton Published,

“I grew up in a family of three parents. My mother, my father, and my grandmother. And I knew what a woman was. Not a bad b * tch! A woman. “

Cam Newton

If you want to know the difference, Cam Newton Explained,

“A bad b * tch is a person who, right, you know, ‘Girl I’m a bad b * tch, I’m doing it, I’m doing it.’ I watch the part but I don’t act in the part. “

He went on to break down what he thought were the characteristics of a woman. He said

“For me, a woman is one who manages her own affairs but knows how to meet the needs of a man. And I think a lot of times when you get this ascetic ‘I’m a boss b * tch, imma this, imma that’. No! But you can’t cook. You never know when you’ll be quiet! You don’t know how to allow a person to lead. “

(See the full interview below 🙂

Naturally, his comments received mixed views on social media. Some agree with the NFL player while others think his comments are antisocial.

Some may argue that Newton It has a controversial past when it comes to her love life. He shared four children with his ex-girlfriend Shakia “Kia” Proctor.

Kia Proctor and her children

The pair began dating in 2013 but left in 2020 after giving birth to a child with professional athlete Instagram model. The Shaw Queen.

Cam Newton, La Reina Shaw, son Caesar – Jasmine Brand

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