Cam Newton speaks in his controversial remarks against women: ‘I have

Cam Newton

Cam Newton speaks in his controversial remarks against women: ‘I am portrayed as something I am not complete’

It’s a lot to see Cam Newton His views on women have not been shared yet!

When Cam Newton Returning from his controversial remarks earlier this week, he seems to want to clarify a few things. The 32-year-old athlete went on Twitter on Friday (April 15) to share a preview of an upcoming episode of his YouTube series, “Funky Friday with Cam Newton“In his caption, Cam Newton Apparently he addressed the chaos he created through his latest comments about women. Written in its caption,

“A lot has been done in my recent comments. I have been portrayed as something that I am not completely! And I’m here to talk about it. ”

Cam Newton

Attempts to correct his earlier remarks seem to have been made, Cam Newton Shared a clip of her discussing something positive she wants to see in women. He said

“I think it would be entertaining enough that women of the mind would compete at a higher level and do something that is not always a **, not always tetish, not always, you know – not necessarily insulting women, but just seeing women in themselves. .Aesthetic. “

As previously reported, the NFL quarterback received some reactions earlier this week that some thought were ‘sexist’ remarks against women. In a recent interview, Cam Newton A “bad b ** h” vs. a woman gave her definition. Newton Explained,

“A bad b * tch is a person who, right, you know, ‘Girl I’m a bad b * tch, I’m doing it, I’m doing it.’ I watch the part but I don’t act in the part. “

He went on to break down what he thought were the characteristics of a woman.

“For me, a woman is one who manages her own affairs but knows how to meet the needs of a man. And I think a lot of times when you get this ascetic ‘I’m a boss b * tch, imma this, imma that’. No! But you can’t cook. You never know when you’ll be quiet! You don’t know how to allow a person to lead. “

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