Cardi B and Offset Wave Set introduce their infant son named Sefas [Photos]

Cardi B, offset boy

Wave set cephias, offset, cardi b

Cardi B and Offset Wave Set introduce their infant son named Sefas [Photos]

We present to you: Wave set cephas.

The rapper couple’s seven-month-old son Cardi b And OffsetWho was born in September 2021, he is making Waves Across social media after her first appearance on Thursday 14 April. Many have mentioned that she is an exact replica of her older sister. Culture Kiari Sefas (Born July 2018).

It’s time for both parents to finally share a single photo Wave set cephas On their social media channels, he was first seen as part of them Summary Cover Story Shoot. The cover, titled ‘Rapid in Love’, highlights mixed family weddings, music and money.

This includes, in addition to the two children they shared OffsetChildren of previous relationship: The road7, and son Jordan12, and CodyAlso during the interview, Cardi b She said she was grateful that all her husband’s children loved her.

Offset Added

“It is a blessing to be able to bring them all together, and to have a wife who is open and treats them as if they were her children. It can be a problem, but I don’t have to go through it and it’s beautiful. “

Cardi B, Offset Essence Cover

It may come as a surprise that the parents decided to show up Wave set cephas To the world, consider that Cardi Because it has recently disabled social media channels Fans She was dragging her children to the mess. He has previously been accused of being attention-grabbing and innocent, only to show a literal glimpse of his son as opposed to his full face.

Their son’s name was also a mystery before the ESSENCE cover shoot.

Welcome to social media, Waves!

Do you think Cardie B and Offset’s son, Wave, looks like his older sister Culture? Let us know in the comments!

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