Cardi B publishes Offset Infant Son on the cover of Essence Magazine

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এসabdmstudio for Essence

Cardi b And Offset Eventually their baby son revealed on the cover ESSENCE MagazineIts 52nd anniversary May / June 2022 issue.

For the first time, rap artists have revealed the name of their 7-month-old son: Wave cap cephas.

Cardi B, 29, and Offset, 30, posed on the cover with their 3-year-old daughter Culture Kiari. Offset Father of three children from previous relationship: Daughter The road7, and son Jordan12, and CodyAlso 7.

Cardi asked the editor during a zoom call if she could talk to the editorial and creative team, “Women to Women,” about including her honest children in the magazine’s photo shoot.

She did not want the offset children to ruin her relationship with other mothers. According to ESSENCE, more than anything else, she did not want her other children to be left out.

“After we got married, when I first met her kids,” Cardi said. “I’ve always wanted them to love me, and they really do. They tell me that. I feel it and I hope we always have a great relationship.”

The offset comes from a mixed family with siblings from other fathers.

“I have two brothers, and we have three separate fathers,” Offset said. “I’ve never heard of an honest brother – he’s my brother.”

“It’s a blessing to be able to bring them all together and find a wife who is open and treats them as if they were her children,” he said. “It may be a problem, but I don’t have to go through it, and it’s beautiful.”

The cover photo was shot by dabdmstudio for Essence Magazine. See more pictures from the shoot Here.

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