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In March 2022, rumors began to spread that Teenage mother The franchises will come together to create a mega-series. Now, the rumors are true, and Teenage mother: Inheritance There is work.

“Eight [moms] Filming for the show, whether all the girl’s parts enter the episode will depend on how exciting their footage is, “a production source said earlier. Ashley.

“Not everyone will be in every episode,” the insider added. “[They] They will only be paid for the episodes in which they will be appearing. “

For the eight women we can expect, there will be women on the cast Teenage mother Ozzy And Adolescent mother 2. According to internal sources, Adolescent mother: young + pregnant Will not be part of it and will remain separate.

After the season 11 finale on Tuesday, May 10, Leah Messer He was seen saying goodbye in the series.

“I will forever be grateful for the memories, experiences, lessons, opportunities and friends / colleagues who have become family over the years. # TeenMom2, “The mother of three wrote through her Instagram story, ending her speech with a prayer hand emoji and a red heart, seemingly saying goodbye.

However, Leah has signed back to join Adolescent mother 2 castmates Jade Klein, Ashley Jones And Brianna Dieses As they join forces Teenage mother Ozzy They Caitlin Baltiera, Massey bookout, Cheyenne Floyd And Amber Portwood.

Unfortunately, Layer is a former BFF Kylen Lori MTV shot his last scene with the camera Ashley The mother of four was reportedly “asked” to join the new show but eventually “refused the show.”

“Thank you for the opportunity and never slander that I was able to branch out because of this,” Kyle wrote in the official comments section. Teenage mother Instagram account before the season 11 finale. “Thanks to everyone who supported me on this journey! Can’t wait to see everyone’s story in future episodes!”

Unlike “Coffee Convos” Cohost, Teenage mother OzzyOf Mackenzie Mackie It is learned that he was not asked to join InheritanceAlthough it is unclear why.

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