Celebrity couple who embodied this year’s theme

Happy World Health Day! Each year, the World Health Organization sets a different theme for the holidays, and for 2022, the focus is “our planet, our health.”

The WHO estimates that each year, more than 13 million deaths are caused by avoidable environmental causes, so this year’s theme focuses on the health of both humans and the planet.

Although the holiday, April 7, is a great time to get involved in planet-friendly ventures, many celebrity couples already practice eco-friendly practices and even set up their own companies and foundations to address issues such as sustainability, climate change and the like. Deforestation.

Nicky Reed And Ian Somerhalder A couple who are constantly striving to improve the health of the planet. Reed is the founder of BaYou With Love, a durable jewelry brand that works with recycled computer technology from Dell. The Twilight The actress is also an animal worker who has won an ASPCA Compassion Award.

Somerhalder is just as passionate about animals and the environment. He founded the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, which focuses extensively on “conserving natural resources, such as forests, land and wildlife, for the benefit of all communities.”

Another set of Lovebirds that embodies this year’s theme Rooney died And Joaquin Phoenix. Both actors have vegetarian food, which is known to help not only animals but also the environment.

When asked about his and Mara’s son River, he named his late brother River Phoenix, Phoenix said. Sunday Times In 2021, “Well, I would definitely expect that [he is vegan]But I’m not going to impose my faith on my child. “

Scroll down to see more celebrity couples who can be an inspiration for this year’s World Health Day:

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