Celebrity Hair Transformation 2022: Colors, Cuts, Extensions

With a new year comes the inspiration to try new things and celebrities are proving it true by transforming their beautiful and bold hair into 2022.

Several stars have already visited their favorite salons to start anew with some extra length with the help of a chic cut, trend-setting color or extension. Some are choosing a natural finished look while others are deciding to go All out With their eye-catching style.

“2022 will be a year of taking on a relaxed, effortless and natural look,” celebrity hairdresser Maggie Seman told Lifestyle and Beauty publication special Madame Figaro Arabia about what fads could take over the next few months. “We get to see lots of colors and textures that look natural, from one-dimensional color to shade roots and hairstyles for the next day. In this new year, less is more. ”

That means we can probably expect to see Tossed Up Dos, Balayage Lock and Brunette Bombs on the red carpet later this year.

Cheers Actress Leah Michelle, Who is known for his long hair, went to see his hair stylist Tommy Bucket for a blunt bob. He displayed a crop a few inches long during his visit.

“The first haircut I gave in 2022 !!!” He writes about the star’s transformation. “I hope this year everyone will be as brave as that leamichele and make a big difference.”

Leah shared a selfie showing off her new look, echoing those sentiments, captioning, “2022 ready.”

Chrissy Tigen Debuting in a switch-up himself, showing fans his shoulder-length chop, which is also a bit blender, courtesy of Luke Plaque Rose.

The author of the cookbook was proud to unveil his work just before the start of the new year on January 3, writing, “Fresh cut! I know I know Snip Snap Snip Snap. ”

Dancing with the Stars alum Olivia Z. Gianuli Sharing a photo with her temporary color, she has impressed fans by pushing her lighter locks for a richer new chocolate color. However, YouTuber said he would return to blonde because the switch-up was only temporary. “Except it’s kind of a vibeeeee ?????” Sound off a fan.

Scroll through the gallery below to see the transformation of celebrity hair in 2022.

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