Chance the rapper’s name has been used in a scandal that has trapped thousands of people

The possibility of using the name of the rapper in the scandal that has taken people out of thousands of dollars

In addition to being a rapper, singer and producer, Wrapper chance Known for his charitable efforts. Unfortunately, a scammer used it to his advantage and caught multiple people in the thousands of dollars.

Two sisters EB and Lulu ColeThose business women, they shared how they were targeted in the scandal.

Wrapper chance

Lulu Cole He said he was at a Bank of America in Chicago. Wrapper chanceIts own town, when a man called him in his car. Although she was initially “reluctant to hire” him, she said she was tempted to talk small.

He started to leave, but then,

“He asked me if I had any bills.”

The man, allegedly using the name Jeffrey WashingtonTell him he’s working Wrapper chance And CEDA [the Community and Economic Development Association] To help people in the area with bills and other loans. He recalled:

“She is OK. We have to use this money before the end of the day. If we do not spend this money, we will miss the opportunity to help more people next year. [He also said] They will reduce the amount of funding we receive, and the amount of people we can help. “

Inspired by his clear commitment to the community, Lulu Cole Decided to let him pay his T-mobile phone bill. When that happened, he called T-Mobile to confirm and was told by the company that it had received a payment.

Excited, he agreed to pay another এবার 45,000 to pay for a home he owned. It’s gone like his phone bill.

Lulu Cole Says:

“I was completely on the floor. All I heard from the delegate was, ‘Oh my God, congratulations,’ and I was shocked. “

When he said to his sister, IB ColeHe immediately became skeptical and said:

“You have been deceived. … Of course the whole thing will break down in 24 hours. ”

But the next day when they check, the documentation shows

“Payment made and balance reduced.”

Sell, IB Cole Agree to pay Jeffrey Washington Pay বন্ধ 100,000 per mortgage, including a credit card bill and another mortgage. She received payment confirmation for each transaction just like her sister.

When the loan appears to have been repaid, Jeffrey Washington He told them to move on. The Cole The sisters wound him up with a total of $ 36,000, only to find out a few days later that none of the payments had been processed. This Remember:

“Suddenly, we receive a text message saying, ‘Oh, there is a problem with your payment, please contact us.’ And that’s exactly the moment I knew it was over. “

It was later learned that the man was not involved at all Wrapper chance Or CEDA, and not its name Jeffrey Washington. He has been accused of cheating people in this way since 2014 and he targeted eight more, earning as much as 8,600 at one event.

He has not been arrested, but the American Consumer Federation has called on financial institutions to use better language and work on delays in payment processing to help people avoid such situations.

Arguably the worst part was that the sisters planned to use the money to open a community center. But now, they have nothing left.

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