Channing Tatum fires Thandi Newton from ‘Magic Mike’ after heated argument

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Actress Thandi Newton has denied reports that Channing Tatum fired her from her movie “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” after a heated argument over Will Smith’s Oscar slap.

Smith, 53, slapped Chris Rock on Live TV in front of millions of people on March 27 after Jada Pinkett joked about the 57-year-old comedian’s hair loss.

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A source for the “Magic Mike” set in West London Told The Sun. That screaming match between Newton, 49, and Tatum, 41, escalated to such an “amazing” and “unimaginably evil” level that Tatum stormed off the set and into the car.

Tatum is said to have returned to the set saying he would not continue working with Newton.

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“Channing Tatum is the producer and number one on the set,” The Sources said. “Thandi Newton is the number two star. But 11 days of shooting and it’s all over.”

HBO Max movie director Steven Soderberg tried to bring peace to the set, but Tatum was adamant that he wanted Newton to leave, the source told the British tabloid.

“He was trying to calm things down but he was a very calm man … they fell for the Oscars. I was on set. I saw him and saw him. They were in and out of the house where they were.

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“It was an exciting sound exchange, but suddenly it escalated. Channing got into the car and he disappeared,” the source said, adding that Newton acted like a “diva” on the set before the argument.

However, Newton’s correspondent says he was not expelled from the film – he resigned to address personal issues.

Thandiwe Newton Warner Bros. Pictures Magic Mike’s last dance To address family issues, “the statement said Diversity To read

“Magic Mike’s Last Dance” The third installment Magic Mike Male stripper film franchise. The first two films grossed about $ 300 million worldwide NY post Report

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