Chris Jenner accused of Photoshop failure in Easter selfie with Khalo

Another day, another Photoshop failed! Momager Chris Jenner Fans are facing heat for allegedly taking selfies with her daughter Khalo Kardashian Easter morning.

“Happy Easter from me and my rabbit @khloekardashian,” The Keep up with the Kardashians Alum, 66, captioned her Instagram story on Sunday, April 18th.

Chris Jenner accused Major Photoshop of failing in Easter selfie with Khalo
Courtesy of Chris Jenner / Instagram

Both Car-Jenner women looked beautiful and comfortable in their holiday themed pajamas, with radiators scrutinizing photos and expressing their frustration over their overly photo-ready faces.

“Chris’s neck is saying to him,” a Reddit user commented at the bottom of the post.

One follower wrote, “None of them look like that in real life.” Another quipped, “Yes, my mother and I look the same age. Ilucivo obscure 20 some age group. ”

This is not the first time that famous families have been called upon for their photo editing skills

The day before, Kendall Jenner Called in a deleted photo that fans called “Facing Death” while posing next to Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) and Justin Sky At the Cochlela Music Festival.

“He doesn’t look like wtf himself. Please hire someone to do your picture Kendall Photoshop,” wrote a Redditter.

“Hailey’s face is so distorted that its dimensions are reminiscent of a 1996 tomb rider. Kendall played with a brand new face there,” another commentator reported. “I don’t know who the Barbie doll on the right is, but she at least looks human, not CGI.”

Elder Sister Khalo was recently cleared of Photoshop allegations and admitted that she was “upset” when her daughter was called in to edit. True ThompsonInside Kim Kardashian Pictures of old Disneyland. Still, the Hulu star knows how to get rid of haters because he added, “Anyway, let’s focus on something else. Our show will air in a few days. ”

The Good American The founder was not unfamiliar with the photo editing scandal, but he was also clear about how the public eye had negatively affected him. Previously taken on Instagram to share his struggles, Kardashians “It’s almost unbearable to try to live up to the impossible standards that the public has set for me,” the star wrote.

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