Chris Jenner hints at a ‘good’ sex life with boyfriend Corey Gamble

Like fine wine! Chris Jenner Revealed that she and her longtime boyfriend Corey Gamble There are no problems when it comes to bedroom activity.

When making his final appearance Ellen ShawChris, 66, hinted to viewers that she had a “good” sex life with her husband Ellen DeGeneres And Momezar played the “5 second rule” where they had to answer a prompt with extreme speed.

After asking the co-producer and guest DJ, TwitchWhat three things Corey, 41, would say he did well, Chris has become a bit restless. “Oh, she thinks I’m a good golfer, she thinks I’m a good mom, and she thinks I … I don’t want to say the last,” he smiled and pressed the red buzzer.

Chris is not one to keep his sexual needs in the DL. During an episode of it Keep up with the Kardashians, He kicked the camera crew to have a little love session with Corey when he surprised her in his office. “All right, friends, get out of here. I’m taking a 10-minute break, “Chris instructed the camera crew Corey confirms he has five minutes left.

It gets better with age!  Chris Jenner hints at a 'good' sex life with boyfriend Corey Gamble
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The former Keep up with the Kardashians The star family also discussed the upcoming Hulu series, The Kardashians. Chris explained that having been on television for 15 years, he was initially worried if fans would still be interested in the Car-Jenner group.

“Of course, a million things happen the moment we start filming,” said the mother of six.

The upcoming series will be shown Kim KardashianOf SNL With debut and blossoming relationship Pete Davidson, Kylie JennerIts pregnancy and Courtney Kardashian And Travis BarkerHer fianc – who recently hosted a Vegas wedding after the Grammys.

Continuing the NSFW conversation, Chris Courtney, 42, and Travis, 46, discuss ongoing PDA moments. “Even in your home, for Christmas Tavis and Courtney, work, indeed, non-stop,” Ellen, 64, revealed. “That’s what they do!”

Chris jokes that their makeout sessions are “98 percent of the new show.”

Regarding tattooed men, Carr-Jenner’s family matriarch reveals that Corey has no tattoos – his daughters are different from men – but he won’t mind if his girlfriend permanently inks his name.

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