Chris Rock says he won’t talk about being slapped by Will Smith

Chris Rock, Will Smith

Chris Rock says he won’t talk about being slapped by Will Smith until he gets the money

Comedian Chris Rock Avoiding conversations about the Oscars.

The actor recently told the show viewers that he would not talk about the infamous slap until he got the money.

According to reports, Chris Rock, 57, addressed at the beginning of his Fantasy Springs performance in Indo, California on Friday [April, 8th]Specifies:

“I’m fine, I have the whole show, and I’m not talking about it until I pay. Life is beautiful. I’ve got my hearing back.”

Chris Rock

The audience was confused and shocked to see this year’s Oscar award Will Smith Physical injury Chris Rock, Who was hosting the awards on stage. Then came the slap Chris Says a sensitive bald joke about Will’s Wife, Jada Pinkett SmithThose who suffer from alopecia areata.

A few days ago, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced Will Smith Injuries will be banned for 10 years. Willpower Her first Oscar win that night brought her home for her role Fri. And Serena The father of the tennis coach in the movie “King Richard”.

From, Willpower Resigned from the academy and apologized to the audience, participants and Chris Myself

Will Smith

Next came the tragic Oscar ceremony, ticket sales Chris Rocker The “Ego Death World Tour” has grown significantly. In addition to telling an audience he is “still processing” what happened, Chris Decided to clear any opinion about the events that took place at the awards show


What kind of payday do you think Cree Rock deserves? Let us know what you think by commenting.

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