Christian Obumselli’s brother pleads with black women to forgive his hell

Pictures may be deleted

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Christian Obumselli’s brother pleaded with black women to apologize for his brother’s disrespectful tweets.

Obumselli, 27, was Severe stabbing By his girlfriend, Instagram model Courtney Taylor, 25.

Christian, who was born Tobechuku Obumselli, 27, moved to Miami and was living with Taylor in an apartment in One Paraiso when he was stabbed during an argument on Sunday, April 3rd.

Pictures may be deleted


Christian was taken to a hospital where he later died. Courtney, who was covered in blood, was questioned by police at the scene and later released. His attorney said he acted in self-defense.

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Jeffrey Obumselli Take it to Instagram Asking black women to forgive her brother for disrespecting her in old tweets while she was in high school.

Jeffrey tells black women to shift their focus from Toby’s old tweets to Courtney, a privileged wealthy woman who has not been arrested for murder.

Jeffrey is upset about one thing Viral video Which shows Courtney drinking at a bar in a luxury hotel in Miami just days after Toby was stabbed to death.

In the hotel lobby, the tailor confronted an angry woman who told him, “Yes, you have to go … ‘because you killed your boyfriend. Yes, you did.”

A. Long Instagram postJeffrey writes: “As a family, we strongly disagree with the ignorant and hateful tweets of my then high school older brother that were published recently. However, the tweets do not diminish or deny our demand for a thorough investigation into Toby’s murder. The need for justice.”

He further added that the tailor had “brutally and stupidly killed” his brother, and that he did not show “one ounce of remorse” for his death.

Jeffrey wrote, “We saw a video of Courtney kissing her dog while I believed it was my brother’s blood, and my brother accidentally drank in a hotel bar while he was lying in the morgue.”

“The bottom line is that Courtney is being treated differently because of her privileges as a wealthy white woman.”

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