Christina Hall’s former ant has filed for complete custody of her son

No more sharing! Ant Anstead Hudson, his 2-year-old son, has applied for full custody, which he shares with his ex-wife. Christina Hall, In contact Can confirm. The couple is currently ex There is a shared custody agreement For the little boy. The request comes in 2022 when Christina Realtor tied the knot and remarried. Joshua Hall After a whirlwind romance.

“I am deeply saddened by what the ants are doing,” said Christina Our weekly A Thursday, April 28, statement. He went on to say, “If it’s really about Hudson, as he says, it should have been handled personally by a personal judge or mediator, as my attorney and I have suggested. I have my ups and downs, but I’m a good mother and I I love my children with all my heart and I will always protect them. “

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Ants claims that Christina was not a regular presence in Hudson’s life. The Wheeler dealer The host said that according to the outlet, he had spent “9 days per month” with the boy in the last 20 months. He further claimed that when Christina was Hudson, he used her in commercial social media posts to pay him. Ant told Hudson to refrain from using any “commercial endeavors” if the judge did not give permission, the site reports.

The TV presenter also described the details of a disturbing story where Hudson was returned to a scorching sun after being with Christina and the boy was crying in pain. Ant claimed that when he texted the HGTV personality about the situation, he responded, “… It didn’t feel hot. Give him some Tylenol. I’m sure tomorrow will be better. “

Ant, 43, and Christina, 38, started dating in early 2018 and Wedding in a backyard ceremony The house they bought together on December 22 of that year in Newport Beach, California. They quickly started a family, since Hudson was born in September 2019.

The HGTV star shocked fans when she announced the breakup in September 2020, shortly after Hudson’s first birthday. The ants have since cleared it up in several social media posts How devastated he was Christina decides to end their marriage. Their divorce was finalized in June 2021.

Christina Hall's ex-husband Ant files for full custody after remarrying 2-year-old Hudson

A month later, Christina revealed to fans that she was dating Josh, sharing in an Instagram post that they had been dating secretly since the spring and that she was absolutely crazy about him. He told fans not to judge him about a serious new relationship so quickly after his breakup from the ants.

“I may be a little crazy and I’m certainly not perfect, but I will never base my life on other people’s judgment or opinion. We pride ourselves on never judging others and always want to please others and we want others to get the same respect, “he wrote in his romance debut post, adding,” So yes ‘other relationship’ and guess what. I’m 36 – I’ll do whatever I want. “

The couple got engaged two months later in September 2021. Christina and Josh were secretly married, although the date of the wedding is not yet known. Their marital status is revealed when Christina assumes the title of Josh Hall and changes her real estate license to reflect her new name, according to the documents obtained. Life and style April 5.

The ant has moved to one since then Serious relationship With Oscar-winning actress Renee Zellweger. When this pair is seen Judy The star has filmed an episode of it Celebrity IOU: Joyride April 2021 series and two completely clicked. Over the past year, ants and Renee Hudson have been photographed having fun outings on the beach and elsewhere.

Christina announced on April 25 that she and Josh were moving their family back to Newport Beach $ 10 million sea-view palaces After splitting from ants at Dana Point in Southern Orange County. In addition to Hudson, home renovator daughter Taylor, 11, and son Braden, 6, ex-husband and Flip or flop Cohost Tareq El Musa.

Next to a family Instagram photo on the beach with Josh and his kids, Christina writes, “Our new home Our long-term family home. Coming from a restless soul, my soul is ready for rest. At 38, I’m right where I want to be and can’t wait for the next house to be our home. “

Representatives of Ant and Christina did not immediately respond In contact ‘Request for comment.

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