Cole Spruce has defended the ‘sex’ female Disney Channel stars

Talk. Cole spruce Disney has defended the female stars of the channel who said at an early age they had “a lot of sex” New York Times Monday, April 4, that it caused major “trauma”.

Cole Spruce talks about female Disney Channel stars being 'too sexually'
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“The young women of the channel we were on [Disney Channel] My brother and I have had so much sex since we were so young that there is no way to compare our experiences, “he said in an interview, referring to his brother. Dylan Spruce Who appeared on the network as a child. “And every single person going through that trauma has a unique experience.”

Admitting a pioneering issue since the #MeToo movement, Suite life of Jack and Cody alum, 29, talks about the sexual object of young female stars in the entertainment industry.

He further noted that people condemn child stars for being “nuts”, but fail to address the real hurt that fame can bring.

Cole says New York Times“[I’m] Violently defensive against people who ridicule some of the young women on the channel when I was younger because I don’t think it’s enough to understand the humanity of that experience and what it takes to recover. “

Associate Disney Channel Alum Allison Stoner She has also spoken out about her experience in the subject, saying she has faced sexual harassment and child labor law violations and has developed an eating disorder. Nickelodeon alum Janet McCardyWho gave up acting altogether after a “bad” experience as a child star *, expressed similar concerns.

Through Cole his career continued to grow Riverdale And the recent HBO Max film Moonlight, He said he still sees the same “psychological effects” of being a child star in people’s adult lives. However, he thinks “it’s easier for people to hide when they grow up.”

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