Connie West – ‘Selling Sunset’ Reveals Jason Oppenheim Rapper’s LA Mansion

Kanye West – ‘Selling Sunset’ Jason Oppenheim Reveals A Roof in Rapper’s LA Mansion ‘His Paintings Like Jesus’: A Client Says It Was Home To A Lonely Narcissist

Looks like not everyone is a fan of it Connie West Decorate her house!

During a recent episode of NetflixSell ​​the sunset, ‘ Real estate agents and show stars, Jason Oppenheim, 45, ridiculously revealed that one client once said that Connie West LivedHome of a lone narcissist ‘. Oppenheim claims to have hosted a visit to a former palace owned by Radar in the LA area about five years ago.

However, it was less influenced by the potential buyer Connie West Home. Jason Oppenheim Explained,

“It’s funny because we not only showed him Kanye’s house, we escorted him to Kanye’s house. We didn’t say who it was. Jeff invited his mother, who did not know whose house it was, “it looks like a lone narcissist lives here,” and Jeff dismissed the escrow.

Jason Oppenheim

At the time of the so-called painting Connie West Since Jesus is a bit strange, fans may think that before the Chicago rapper he compared himself to God and to Andy Warhol, William Shakespeare and Walt Disney. The “Jesus Walks” rapper once said,

“When someone comes and says, ‘I am a god,’ everyone says, ‘Who do you think he is?’ I just told you who I thought. A god. I told you. I am who I think I am. “

Kani West

Season 5 of “Selling Sunset” is currently streaming on Netflix.

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