Controversial moments in the history of the Met Gala: Photo

Met Gala The biggest night of fashion, and many stars competing to stand on the red carpet, is bound to be controversial.

Usually held on the first Monday of May each year (except 2020, when it was canceled and in 2021, when it was postponed until September 13 due to coronavirus), the Met Ball always has a costume that receives criticism, no one binds their stilettos. Trips on, and sometimes, the theme itself creates a stir.

Although the red carpet is the only part of the Met Gala that the public can see, it is not the only place where tragic moments are reduced. After bringing today’s biggest celebrities and most influential people inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, they are treated to a gourmet meal, endless drinks and top-secret special performances. Artist Likes Rihanna And Lady Gaga.

That’s where you can get it Real Despite strict rules about not using messy social media and keeping the museum smoke-free, celebrities will hide in the bathroom to post selfies while smoking cigarettes. They can sit together and create tension, as it were Demi Lovato Who dropped out of the 2016 Met Gala to attend an AA meeting due to an anonymous person. They said Billboards They don’t have to go to another Met Gala. Meanwhile a waiter at A past The incident said Daily front row That other celebrities steal bottles of alcohol and hide around museums to have their own stash.

There is drama behind the scenes – Especially When it comes to guest lists. For years, Anna WinterChief Editor Enjoy And since 1995 (with the exception of 1996 and 1998) the president of the event, refused to invite Kim Kardashian. E! The only outlet that probably shared the real rumor that Anna didn’t want to be a reality TV star – and now, there’s another controversy surrounding extending invitations to influential and TikTok stars.

With that being said, TikTok and YouTube stars have secured a place of their own at the Met Gala. General Z influencers, including Addison Rye, Emma Chamberlain and Dixie D’Ameli, attended the 2021 event, providing a complete contrast to the event’s longtime participants who have a more traditional background in entertainment.

In spite of all The Glamorous clothes and beautiful celebrities, things still get messy.

“It’s like a Fellini movie,” Madonna He said 2015 Met Gala. “The best and worst of all is here.”

Even designers take part in the Met Gala drama. American designer Tom FordWho will return to the 2022 event as honorary vice-president casts a shadow Katy PerryIts past can be seen in a part of an upcoming book titled Met Gala Anna: Biography.

“It turned out to be a costume party,” he said of the way the Met Gala evolved. “You don’t have to dress like a hamburger, you don’t have to get into a van where you were standing because you couldn’t sit because you wore a chandelier,” he added, referring to Katie’s 2019 look.

If the Met Gala is something that has proved that where there are celebrities there will be scandals.

Keep scrolling through the years to see the most scandalous Met Gala moments.

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