Courtney and Scott’s children respond to her and Travis’ engagement

Feel left? Penelope Disk Mom cried later Courtney Kardashian Revealed that he and Travis Barker Time is engaged Kardashians Thursday, 26 May 2018 episode.

After waiting three episodes, fans finally got to see how the engagement of Poosh founder, 43, and Blink-182 drummer – which took place on the beach in Montesito, California in October 2021 – really did break. So as to keep secret and save Scott DiscFeeling this, the Kardashian-Jenner family leaves her and her three children with Courtney – Mason, 12, Penelope, 9, and Raine, 7 – when it comes to planning the proposal.

“How do I tell my kids? I think I need to tell them now because they’re going to see it on the Internet,” Travis, 46, asked Courtney’s family after she got down on one knee. So I should call him. “

Courtney Kardashian and Scott Disk's kids react to Travis Barker's engagement 'not exciting'
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The mother of three immediately left the table to answer her daughter’s call. “How is my daughter?” Do you want to know what my surprise was? We’re engaged, “Courtney said in a call. Crying could be heard before Penelope was hanged next to her mother. Raine told Courtney that the news was” not exciting, “when Mason did not answer the phone.

“Penelope took it hard,” Courtney explained in his confession. “I think it’s a big change for him. Although she loves Travis, she doesn’t know what that means. “

The Keep up with the Kardashians Alum said she wanted her kids to be “part of the decision and part of the surprise.” Courtney added, “I know my mother made that decision and it was probably not her best.”

Courtney’s sisters joined her when she called her kids and Khalo Kardashian Scott, 38, revealed that he already knew about the engagement. He expressed his concern with the Good American founder, 37, asking him why the kids weren’t there and thinking he wouldn’t be “involved in the family.” Khlo√© questioned whether the children thought they were “losing their father” after the news of their mother’s engagement.

A source said exclusively Lifestyle In December 2021, Scott was “trying to find a woman with whom he could settle down” and now his ex is officially gone. The insider added, “His friends say he is no longer happy to play on the field.” However, they noted that Scott couldn’t help but feel a little hurt about Courtney and Travis’ love.

Elsewhere The Kardashians In the episode, Scott joked that he would open up now or “go” for Kim. On a more serious note, Flip it like disk The star admits, “I will always love your sister.”

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