Courtney Stodden says Doug tried to contact them, but they blocked him

Courtney Stodden Says In contact Exclusively that their ex-husband, Doug HutchisonWhom they married when they were 16 and who their 35 year senior, “still writes me” and “trying to connect with me.”

“I had to block him more than once,” they added, adding that he was trying to reach them. “There are times when I feel a struggle. And it’s really interesting: I was talking to my fianc [Chris Sheng] Last night. We were in Ivy last night. We had a nice dinner, and then, I started crying for midnight, you know, it just came up. I have a fight where I want answers. “

“And I think I’ll always struggle with that,” he admits. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get it [the answers]But sometimes, I let him go অবরোধ because I think he’s going through a psychological tug-of-war here if he tells me something that explains why he did it. “

There is a trust issue in the engagement after Courtney Stodden Dogs Abuse I am haunted by my past
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Courtney Stodden.

However, despite Doug’s efforts to reach out to them, Stodden “is very grateful that I have the strength to move on” and adds that they are “trying not to beat themselves up, but to allow that grace to heal itself.”

Stodden also says In contact They have “a lot of confidence issues” in terms of their former marriage to Hutchison after their divorce was finalized in March 2020 after their divorce two years ago and they are “working on things from my past”.

Regarding their wedding plans with Sheng, Staden, who got engaged to Sheng in May 2021, said it was “good”, but “I think I deal with a lot of trust issues and I know there are a lot of people who are waiting for such a wedding date.” For example, when is this big princess going to get married? But I just don’t know. “

“I’m taking my time right now and I’m not in a hurry to walk down the aisle. I’m working on things from the past right now, “they admit.

Stodden reveals that it is “really, really hard” to trust a partner again after their previous marriage. “It simply came to our notice then. I’m in therapy to try to understand a lot of what I’ve done. Much effort has been made to overcome this, “he said. “I think it’s one step at a time.”

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