DaBaby – Newly released security footage of the deadly 2018 shooting raises questions

DaBaby – Newly released security footage of deadly 2018 shooting rapper raises self-defense claim

It’s a lot to see DaBaby’s The past is catching up with him!

Its security footage has never been seen before DaBaby’s, Born Jonathan Kirk, the shooting incident that took place a few years ago was published online over the weekend and it seems to have created a hole in the 30-year-old rapper’s self-defense claim. On November 5, 2018, Dababi Jillian Craig, 19, was fatally shot while at a Charlotte-area Walmart. Dababi Always claimed that the bullet was for self-defense and that he acted to protect himself and his family. According to the “Suz” rapper, two young men alleged that he threatened her while shopping with her then-partner and their children. DaBaby’s The storyline is that he only fired from his own gun, eventually killing Craig in a self-defense operation.


According to reports, the investigation into the shooting ended in June 2019. Dababi He was never tried for Craig’s death and was only convicted of carrying a concealed weapon, resulting in a 12-month probation with a suspended prison sentence. While the rap star has always maintained his innocence in shooting, recently released security footage may tell a different story. In clips less than 60 seconds long, Dababi Seems to be the instigator of the conflict.

Surveillance footage from Walmart shows Craig and his friend Henry Douglas entering the store at about 6:30 p.m. In a recent interview, Douglas talked about the shooting and shared that Craig was initially seen DababiHowever, the pair of friends weren’t sure if it was really a rapper so they kept looking at him to see if it was him. According to Douglas, when things went south and Dababi Misleading fans to try to start something with him. Douglas said,

“It simply came to our notice then. When he took the wrong path. We were trying to see who you were, and he accepted because someone was looking at him with a problem. “

Douglas continued and said that despite his and Craig’s efforts to calm the situation, Dababi They seemed reluctant to fight, and they suggested taking things outside. According to Douglas, he agreed to do so but planned to leave the premises after leaving the store with Craig. In the video, you can see Douglas turning his face away Dababi (Seemingly walking outside) When the rapper unexpectedly launches into it, almost knocks him to the ground. At one point in the fight, according to Bunting’s report,

“Craig reached in front of his waistband to pull out what appeared to be a firearm.”

However, it is not clear if there was any intention to use it. Craig leans forward towards the men and “puts his left hand in the fighting pair, as if to pull them over each other,” the report adds. Dababi Eventually he takes one of his hands away from Douglas and pulls out a hidden .40-caliber glaze from his waistband, shooting Craig at the side border at one point. The footage then cuts into another corner and shows shoppers fleeing Dababi Shot his weapon.

Dababi He has mentioned shooting several times in his rap song. In his 2020 hit “Rockstar”, he apparently raped his daughter about witnessing the incident. She raps,

“My daughter AG, she saw me kill a jig in front of her before she was two years old.”

During a recent interview, Craig’s family called Dababi Out for his actions and sharing their hope that the newly released footage will bring an independent investigation into how law enforcement handled the case. His mother said,

“It simply came to our notice then. [DaBaby] He knows what he has done. I’m not doing it for the sake of fame or anything, because at the end of the day, Jillian Craig is gone. “

He added,

“I don’t see him as a DaBaby. I look at him, ‘You killed Jonathan Kirk and you killed Jillian Craig.’

Dababi Apparently, he responded by creating online footage via Twitter

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