DaBaby’s Bowling Alley Brawl is not DaniLeigh’s brother due to hit roadblock

DanBilli’s brother blocks DaBaby’s Bowling Alley Browl for not cooperating with police

Willpower Dababi Is his infamous bowling alley moving away from the consequences of the fight for technical reasons?

As previously reported, the rap star DababiThe headline came after a physical altercation with his ex-girlfriend on February 30, Danielle27, brother Brandon Bills In a CA bowling alley.

Brandon Bills

After that there was an argument between the two Danielle She went live on Instagram earlier this year and accused her ex of kicking her and their baby girl out of her North Carolina home.

Following the Bowling Alley clash, multiple videos have been published online Dababi And his crew is apparently beating Bill In the middle of the bowling lane.

However, despite the controversy being caught on camera, the police seem to be having a hard time moving forward with the investigation. According to the report, this is what the law enforcement forces are demanding Bill No longer cooperating with them, which makes the case difficult to proceed. The investigation is ongoing but the accused is not progressing at the moment due to his refusal to work with the police, the report said. Why it is currently unclear Bill Not cooperating with law enforcement agencies, especially since he has filed a lawsuit Dababi Follow the battle.

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