‘Dancing with the Stars’ dropped from ABC, moving to Disney + following Low

Tyra Banks

‘Dancing with the Stars’ dropped by ABC, moving to Disney + following low ratings and feedback on Tyra Banks hosting

After 30 seasons, “Dancing with the stars” Getting a new home.

With the number of viewers consistently low, the report said, dance competition officials felt it was time to change things to ensure the shows survived.

Disney Media & Entertainment chairman Karim Daniel has issued a statement saying Disney + is honored to receive the series. Disney + has renewed the main ABC show for two seasons. This will be the first live series on the streaming platform. In a press release, Karim Daniel said:

“We’re excited to be bringing this favorite show exclusively to Disney + as the platform’s first live series. Stars as we expand our demographic reach.

Streaming changes after the show struggles to maintain and reach [new] Some fans took issue with the supermodel Tyra Banks, Who joined as a series host at the start of season 29. There was even a petition to remove him from the show on change.org which collected more than 14,000 signatures.

Tyra Banks

While hosting his first season, the 48-year-old made the mistake of announcing the following two couples during the boycott. According to Tyra, The mistake was the result of a wrong cue card. Other allegations include flamboyant clothing, the host of America’s next top model. Viewers claim that they often outperform competitors.

Tyra Banks

However, the Disney partners who will be creating the live streaming show are optimistic about the future of “DWS”. Valerie BruceThe general manager of the BBC studio’s Los Angeles production arm wanted to say:

“This unprecedented move, combined with our two-season pick-up, is a testament to the proven power of dancing with the stars … and [it’s] A great vote of confidence from our great, supportive partners at Disney, which shows how much they value and trust the brand. “

According to reports, the executives of “DWS” are looking for an additional host to join Tyra Sources at Hosting say they are watching Kylie Jenner, Tracy Ellis Ross, Anthony AndersonAnd Silver Among the few big names to join the show roster.


Would you tune in to Dancing with the Stars? Who would you like to see Tyre as well as co-host? Leave your reply in the comments!

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