D’Ara Taylor confirms he’s back in the market: ‘Single life is amazing’

Pictures may be deleted


Fans of YouTube stars Ken and De’arra Still trying to overcome their breakup.

Over the years, their adorable fans have lived anxiously through the popular YouTube couple, who split last year over allegations of cheating.

I first learned about Ken and De’Rara through Blogger Michelle “ATLien” BrownAfter they moved into his Buckhead High-Rise penthouse a few years ago.

Ken and D’Ara launched their YouTube channel in 2015 and they have finally reached more than 7 million followers.

Pictures may be deleted

As their popularity grows, so do the problems in their relationship. Mainly because of Ken’s wandering eyes.

Friends warned them not to go together. Sadly, they didn’t listen.

Unfortunately, life happens and they hardly learn that puppy love, aka dopamine, does not last forever.

First, there were rumors that Ken was cheating on Deira. They struggled to maintain the image of their perfect relationship because their income depended on them staying together – at least in public.

Their last video was uploaded in 2021 The couple divorced last year after he proposed to her in 2020 Now they host a separate YouTube channel

De’arra has just under 1 million subscribers His YT channelWhile Ken has only 200,000 members On his channel.

De’arra is now barely recognizable. The intelligent teenager has turned into a bitter woman who looks a decade older than her stated age of 26 years. He doesn’t even sound like that Has the heartbreak changed his voice?

However, watch as De’arra tries to convince his fans that “single life is amazing” in the video below.

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