DC Young Fly says Chris Tucker told him he would do something else if he played his son.

Chris Tucker, DC Young Fly

DC Young Fly says Chris Tucker told him he would do another ‘Friday’ movie if he played his son

To see Chris Tucker A “Friday” sequel could be open for Thanksgiving participation DC Young FlyWith whom people often compare.

Comedian / Actor DC Young Fly, 29, recently made a bold statement that stimulated the possibility of another “Friday” production along the way. In an interview, sports analyst said Shannon Sharp In “Club Shaw” DC Young Fly He claimed to have been told Chris Tucker50, that he would re-establish his role in the movie sequel if he also acted in it, playing his son.

Shannon Sharp, DC Young Fly

During the interview, the host show Shannon Sharp Ask about DC Young FlyBorn John Whitfield, he played Smoky in another “Friday” movie, which he originally starred in. Chris Tucker 1995 hit comedy. DC Quickly deviates and tells fans that they might be able to see him cast in the franchise if it is supposed to come back, claiming the veteran actor told him he would do another “Friday” if he stayed in it too. He said

“I don’t want to say it, but I’m going to say it because we’re getting old, and I don’t care. Chris Tucker told me out of his mouth. He told me, literally this year – sorry Ozzy I mean, we’re getting old, okay. “If I play his son, he will be in the movie,” she said. So if it ever reaches anyone… reach out to anyone, I promise you he told me this. Said, ‘You played my son. I’ll be in the movies. ‘ I swear. “

Experienced in “Wild N ‘Out”, DCSince then she has taken to her social media accounts to catch up with “The Last Friday”. Money. He captioned the post,

OG @christucker himself told me that if I were his son he would play my dad in The Last Friday No Cup !!!!!
@clubshayshay and @ shannonsharpe84 leg0000000 #NoDayzOff. ”

The classic 90’s comedy film “Friday,” followed with two sequels, 2000’s “Next Friday” and 2002’s “Friday Next”. This is what was known last year Money Smokey refuses to return to play “for religious reasons” $ 12 million According to Ice cubesProducer and co-star of the “Friday” sequel, Money And I didn’t want to smoke or be abusive on camera.

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