Delaware House of ‘Teen Mom’ Star

Go, Mom! Teenage mother Star Kylen Lori Fans were told he could “officially go” to his “dream home” in Delaware.

The 16 and pregnant Alum, 29, Revealed that he had “paid in full” for a new residence built from the ground up after selling his former home in Middletown, Delaware.

“I sold a house today. It wasn’t my first home, it wasn’t my second home, but it was the most important house, “wrote Kylin. Post in February 2021. “I stopped working on my dream home when I bought this house and took risks that many may not realize. This house is the physical manifestation of both the lowest and highest points of my life The best point is the birth of Creed.

Kailyn pays an approximate amount $ 880,000 for his former 7,000-square-foot home Before moving into 2019, accordingly Mommy thing. The space featuring a swimming pool and spacious backyard did a really good job for his family For now.

“Baby Mamas, No Drama” Podcast Host 6 There are four sons – Isaac, with whom he shares Joe RiveraLincoln, who was with her ex-husband Xavi MaroquinAnd Lux and religionWhose father Chris Lopez.

“I’ve learned a lot about myself and life in general through extreme experience over the course of years here,” Kylen continued. “There is much more to my story, and if you know me intimately you will understand what I mean and what it represents. For me, closing this chapter means relief, optimism and confidence in future decisions. ”

The Pride over PT The author adds, “I am grateful for where I am now and see the silver lining through it. It’s a small thing to be grateful for the friends I have stuck with through everything. I’m really looking forward to starting our next chapter. “

She had previously shaken off how “excited” she was to take her sons to the property to see progress.

The founder of Potthead Haircare wrote via Instagram in May, “I know they are young and I don’t fully understand what it means to be able to do this.” “But I was amazed at their enthusiasm and I was pleasantly surprised by their appreciation for the improvement. I am very, very, very excited for this journey. “

To make their new home even more special, the “Coffee Convos” podcast host forced his boys to write “suffix” on the baseboard. Kylen shared a video in July 2021 Five of them showed that they use markers to write things like “play” and “laugh” across the construction site.

Keep scrolling to see photos of Kylie’s new Delaware dream home!

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