Derek Chauvin pleads guilty to murdering George Floyd, asks for a new one

Derek Chavin, George Floyd

Derek Chauvin pleads guilty to murdering George Floyd, asks for new trial

About a year after he was convicted of murder George Floyd, Former Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin An appeal has been lodged in the hope of overturning the jury’s verdict and commuting his sentence

Judge Peter Cahill Last June, Chauvin was sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison for murder George FloydAfter convicting him of involuntary manslaughter, third-degree manslaughter and second-degree manslaughter. Derek Chauvin, 46, now asking the Minnesota Court of Appeals to overturn the jury’s verdict and take one of three steps: to convict him and return his case to Henepin County; The results are reversed and a new trial order in a new location; Or order less punishment for Chauvin.

George Floyd, Derek Chauvin

In documents filed in court this week, Derek Chauvin Lawyer William MoharmanHas created a number of challenges to his firm conviction, among which he emphasized Judge Cahill Due to the extensive press coverage the trial should have been relocated. Moharman added that witnesses were not properly conducted and that judges were intimidated by protests and security measures. He further alleges that prosecutorial misconduct and other factors prevented Chauvin from getting a fair trial in the popular case.

Chauvin’s attorneys say Cahill did not follow the sentencing guidelines properly. They argue that the judge should not have included the abuse of power as a provocative factor in Floyd’s murder.

The petition comes just days after the Minnesota State Minneapolis Police Department released a report criticizing it.

“Minnesota is a pattern or practice of racial discrimination in violation of human rights law.”

The report, released Wednesday (April 27th) by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, follows nearly two years of police investigation. Of George Floyd According to the murder report, the agency and the city will negotiate a court-enforceable agreement to address the long list of problems identified in the report, including input from residents, officials, city employees and others.

The report claims information from the police department,

“Demonstrates significant racial discrimination in the use of force by authorities, traffic stops, searches, quotes and arrests.”

Officials added,

“Secret social media has been used to monitor black people and black organizations unrelated to criminal activity, and an organizational culture has been maintained where some officers and supervisors use racist, obscene and disrespectful language with impunity.”

As previously reported, on May 25, 2020, Derek Chauvin A local grocery store responded to a call about the possible use of a fake $ 20 bill George Floyd There were allegations of using bills to buy packets of cigarettes. The police officer buried his knee George Neck, eventually resulting in his death. The incident was recorded on multiple cell phone recordings. In 2021, Derek Chauvin He has been convicted of all charges of murder and manslaughter.

Former MPD officer Derek Chauvin kneels at George Floyd’s neck

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