Did Kylen Lori leave ‘Teen Mom 2’? His reaction about reality TV

Wait … either Kylen Lori Still Teenage mother 2? The Reality star He returned to the MTV franchise on Tuesday, April 5 episode, after having previously left filming for six months. That same night, he answered a fan’s question about his future on reality TV.

“If you had the chance to do your own show, would you accept it?” An Instagram story was asked by a fan during Q&A. Kylin, 29, responds, “I think that’s the only way I can get ahead on reality TV.”

Did Kylin leave 'Teen Mom 2'?  He expressed the 'only way' to continue reality TV
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Although he has not publicly confirmed whether he plans to leave the MTV series for good, he has previously spoken out about how difficult it is to take a “six-month break” from the show.

In a March 2022 episode of her podcast “Baby Mamas No Drama”, Kylin said of her time away from the show, “I was like, ‘I can’t take myself to the place right now where I’m openly sharing things on camera. ‘

“I’m having a really hard time with it because six months seemed like a lifetime to me,” he added.

The mother of four added that “it’s very difficult to put yourself back in the hot seat and film about personal matters.”

Kylin has previously hinted that she has done well on the show since her ex Chris Lopez Join the cast.

“Aren’t you still filming?” A fan asked a question during an Instagram Q&A in October 2021. In response, Kyle replied, “I haven’t photographed in about three months.” A separate user then asked, “Are you nervous about not taking pictures? Financially intelligent? “To which he replied,” I don’t think anyone wants to reduce their salary. But you can’t pay the price for peace of mind. “

What Kylen Lori has left is 'Teen Mom'
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News of Chris’ MTV deal began to air in August 2021. At the time, Kylin – who shares children’s luxuries and creeds with her ex – was not angry at her filming but rather at the way she found out.

“When Kell found out that Chris was now getting paid to appear on the show, he was upset,” a production source told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup at the time. He “texted [one of the higher-up producers] And he said that giving Chris a deal and not even giving him a head, especially after so many years, is disrespectful to them. “

On August 16, Kylin hosted a separate Q&A on her Instagram store, where a fan asked, “Are you bored to sign Chris?” Teenage mother Or are you upset? “

“I don’t give a damn about what Chris does,” he said Pride over PT Author “I care about how it was handled / how I found it and people still lack respect for me 12 years after doing this show.”

“Are you filming a new episode for TM2?” Another fan asked, to which Kylin replied, “I’m not.”

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