Does Jimena have a new boyfriend?

By 90 day engagement: 90 days ago Star Jimena Morales Queller She has a new boyfriend following a catastrophic breakup Mike Burke? By the time the series ends together with the TLC couple, it looks like the Colombian beauty has already moved on. Keep reading to find out everything we know about Ximena’s potential new boyfriend.

Season 5 Tell-All, which was shot in January, ended with Gimena and Mike Colombia planning a trip to Cartagena to work on their connection, but their reunion doesn’t seem to last long. Although both fans and his 90 day engagement Coaster was already skeptical about Jimenez’s relationship for the right reason, the aspiring manicurist apparently having a new man in her life.

Captured by a series of screenshots 90 day engagement Blogger Elena Sokolova, a mother of two, celebrated her birthday last month and was joined by a black-haired man. Looks comfortable with her at the festival, included on the next slide to look like an engagement ring. In another photo captured by TrueCrime_Junkie on her Instagram account that month, Gimena shared a meal with the same tattooed man, this time with her two young sons.

Although Jimena has not confirmed her new relationship, rumors of her new partner began circulating in February 2022 when she allegedly uploaded and deleted a tick with the same person. Clip, which has been saved and reposted 90 day engagement Blogger John YatesThe mystery set in Juan’s romantic Spanish-language song “Jack Mate” features a series of favorite photos and videos with men.

At the time, the show was still airing, and Jimena issued a statement claiming that her account had been hacked. “They uploaded a fake video that was circulating on social networks,” he claimed in a deleted Instagram story. “Someone stole my account and uploaded fake things.”

Adding fuel to the breakup rumors, Columbian Native released a new tattoo from the 2002 Disney film later that month. Lilo and sewing Inside his wrist – a seemingly coverup tattoo of Mike’s name, which he had previously tattooed on the same wrist.

Mike and Jimena have previously said they met through a dating app, but the truth came out after an exciting night. Working as a webcam girl on adult entertainment sites, she explained that Mike was “a little uncomfortable” knowing how people met.

“But the truth is that he was always there, he was there every day. And one day, he said to me, ‘Get out of here, I’ll help you.’ And from then on, he started helping me, “the 25-year-old explained in a confession to the producers.” From the beginning, Mike wanted to help me, to support me. I didn’t force him to send me money, he sent it himself. “

Although Mike and Jimner Season 5 90 days ago In a promising note the All Say segment is over, In contact One month later, in February, they parted ways after less than a year of engagement. In contact Also confirmed that Mike was seen filming another season of the TLC franchise with his friend Nelsi In New York City. While it’s not clear if this is for a spinoff, an insider has revealed that it could be for Discovery +. 90 days: single life.

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