Dr. Dray has donated $ 10 million to Compton High School’s new Performing Arts Center:

Dr Dre

Dr. Dray has donated $ 10 million to Compton High School’s new Performing Arts Center: The city is special and the young people who live in it are special.

Dr Dre Returning his own city community in a major way!

The 57-year-old rapper / entrepreneur has donated $ 10 million for a new $ 200-million campus for Compton High School. The foundation stone laying ceremony of the school was held on Saturday (May 7) Dr Dre Was present. According to the report, the facility will be named “Andre ‘Dr. Drew’s Young Performing Arts Center. “At the event, Dr. Drew said:

“I was an art child in school for which there was no outlet. I knew I had something special to offer the world, but since I had nothing to support my gift, the schools made me feel invisible … this city is special, and [the] The young people living in it are special. “

Dr Dre

He continued,

“I always wondered how far I could go if I got the resources I needed at school. If I only knew more about the business industry, I could save myself [an] Extreme amount of time, money and most importantly, [made] Lots of friendships. “

Superintendent Darren Brawley had this to say Dr. Dress Contribution,

“I am grateful to Mr. Young, not just for doing so [a] Contribute to our district and its students, but to see our students as valuable … as potential and worthy of opportunity. “

Funding for the high school was also made possible in 2015 by measuring district bonds passed by voters, the report said.

The new campus for Compton High School will serve 1,800 students and will include a new academic building, gym, aquatic center, football stadium and track.

The new campus will open in early 2025.

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