Drake allegedly sings the Jack Harlow song that leaked Pusha

Drake allegedly sings the Jack Harlow song that leaked Pusha

It’s a lot to see Drake may be dissed Pusha T. With a leaked song Jack Harlow!

There are rumors on the internet after a collaborative track with a Canadian rapper was leaked Jack Harlow It went viral on Wednesday (April 13). In his leaked verse, Drake An unnamed opponent is seen taking shots, which many fans believe has been noticed Pusha T.. Drake Wrap,

“My urge for revenge is out of control. I know we’re growing up, yes. But for that I have to get a nigga back. It’s not negotiable, it’s not debatable.”


The “Girls Want Girls” rapper took it one step further and apparently mentioned Pusha For her Coke rap on her famous 2018 album Daytona. Drake Reps,

“All I hear is Plug Talk from Middleman / All I hear is a long story from little men / If I see you, I spit in your face, ha-tu / Detonas with green face.”

Drake and his son Adonis

Drake The leaked track has received mixed reactions from fans. Some say the “fair trade” has imposed some harsh penalties against the rapper Pusha T., Others are not so fascinated with Drizzy’s songs. See feedback below:

What are your thoughts on Drake’s alleged dish for Pusha T? Let us know in the comments below!

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