Draya Mitchell warns parents against children’s game titled ‘Dumb Ways to Die’:

Draya Michele

Draya Michelle warns parents against children’s game titled ‘Dumb Ways to Die’: It’s Disguised as Educational But It’s Not

Actress / Fashion Designer Draya Michele A parent who is extra careful when it comes to entertaining their children.

Draya Michele37, Monday (April 11) to warn co-parents on Instagram against a kids game called “Dumb Ways to Die” which is available for download in the app stores. Draya Michele Her IG has shared multiple posts through the story calling the dubious game “in educational disguise” but not really. In his first post, Drya Wrote,

“Parents !!!!!!!!! Please make sure you block this game from your kids app. ”

The Mint swimming The CEO described children’s game work as “clever animated characters do very dangerous work.” According to Dry, “Dumb Ways to Die” poses as an “educational game”, but it is actually a dangerous app that should be banned.

“It looks pretty animated Then the characters do very dangerous things
Death. Stoves and electrical sockets are like touching and running
The road. ”

Drya Added

“And block it on your kids
YouTube too. ”

Mother of two sons, Nico And Urgent Ages 6 and 20, Draya Michele Success and the rise of fame have kept her children out of the spotlight.

Draya Michelle and son Nico Howard

Draya Michelle and son Jaru Scandrik

What are your thoughts on making the educational game “Dumb Ways to Die” accessible to children? Tell us in the comments box below!

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