Eliza Kelly as Sammy Davis Jr. in Lee Daniels Biographical Series

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Lee DanielsBiographical series about Sammy Davis Jr.At the end of his life there is a house in Hulu.

Hulu ordered eight episodes of the untitled series that sat on a shelf for years. Based on the book “In Black and White: The Life of Sammy Davis Jr.”, the series is described as an exploration of Davis’ life and his complex relationship with the black community.

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Elias KellySecond to right, Davis is set to play the lead role. Kelly, 35, is best known for her role Ricky Bell Inside The story of the new version At BET. Kelio has acted in it 28 days, take lead, hairspray, red tailLee Daniels’ ButlerAnd They TV series.

Davis is a former child star who became one of the most famous African American entertainers of the 1950s and 60s. He was the only black member Frank SinatraIts the famous rat pack.

But when Davis backed the Republican president, he insulted the black community Richard Nixon And kissed Archie Bunker, TV’s favorite white supremacist (Carol O’Connor) In an episode Everyone in the family In 1972. It was a kiss heard all over the world.

The studio and crew laughed so long that the kissing scene was edited to give O’Connor time to deliver his line. It was considered the laughing stock of the longest studio viewers in the history of television.

The real kiss scene is lost. The second edit, aired on February 19, 1972, can be seen below.

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