Exclusive: Diddy Inks has signed a deal with Motown, under which they plan to release a new album.


Exclusive: DD Inks signs deal with Motown, plans to release new album under label

It’s a lot to see P. DD Returning to his music under a new label.

Jasmine Brand reports exclusively, hip-hop legend Shawn CombsProfessionally known as P. DD Allegedly moving forward with Motown Records. Sources told us that the hit maker has recently signed a deal Motown, And apparently plans to release his upcoming album under the iconic label

And when Bad boy record It still seems to exist, there is no confirmation of how it fits with his departure Motown.


In July last year, P. DD Fans everywhere cheered after announcing the production of her 5th studio album titled “Off the Grid Volume”. 1 ”. Via Instagram, P. DD52, shared that the project was supposed to be released in September 2021. However, as the original release date passed, there was no word on the progress of the albums – until it was TDE Engineer Mixed by Ali In January of this year, “Hello Good Morning” shared a photo with the artist, apparently working on songs. DD’s Upcoming albums.

According to internal sources, stagnation is going on DD’s The record may be due to a label change. Puff Daddy In 2006 he released his fourth studio album “Press Play” under his own record label. Bad boys record. However, Bad guys Owned by the parent company Atlantic RecordsWhich has been said before by such musicians Humble match For their bad behavior towards artists.

DD’s Accused deal with Motown You will see him join some of the hottest hip-hop artists right now Notably, Quality control rappers Migos, Lil BabyAnd City girls. QC, Founded by the producer Pierre Thomas, Is delivered by Motown Records.

DD Dating rumors spread City girls Member That Miami, 29, after being seen together on multiple occasions. Speculation erupts, the two regularly show love and the other posts on their social media page. Despite this, no Miami Or DD An exclusive has been confirmed.

DD Recently shared other big news. The producer of “Making the Band” has announced that he will be hosting and executive production this year. Billboard Music Awards, It will air on NBC on May 15. The show, which will be held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, will mark DD’s Return to the stage.

In an Instagram post announcing the event, the entertainment mogul wrote:

“Big announcement, big announcement !!! I am the executive producer and host of the 2022 Billboard Music Awards! Everyone get ready to meet me at Vegas Sun. May 15 !! No party like DD party !! Let’s get ready for #ACTBAD !!! bnbc @bbmas #bbmas “

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