Family pet bull stabs 1-year-old girl, mother stabs dog to save her daughter

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A 1-year-old girl was hit by her family’s Pete Bull dog and will undergo her second surgical procedure, CBSLA Report.

Jamie Morales, mother of Ruby Cervantes Reported to CBSLA The family pet attacked the child without provocation.

The bomber struck shortly after 10:15 a.m. Sunday at Morales’ home in Pico Rivera, California.

Morales said 2 dogs were left inside the house and they immediately attacked Ruby. Morales watched in horror as two pet bull dogs fought with little Ruby as if she were a chewed toy.

Several members of the family confronted 2 dogs to snatch the baby from their jaws. However, the dogs became more aggressive and refused to let go.

Morales then grabbed a knife and stabbed two dogs, killing one.

“It was scary, I thought my daughter was going to die,” Morales told CBSLA.

“I was feeling helpless. I was helpless, and I didn’t know what to do. The only thought I had was that I had to kill him, I had to,” he said.

Morales bit her in the face during the attack, but she was able to save her child.

Ruby’s grandmother, Margaret Morales, was also injured when she tried to separate the dog’s jaws.

“My granddaughter is OK, she’s in surgery now … she’s bitten on her ankle, shoulder,” Margaret told CBSLA outside the house.

The second pit bull was taken to Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control where it will be kept down.

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