Farah Abraham gets butt injection (photo)

Change it! Farah Abraham The new butt injection debuted on Friday, April 30, after visiting his plastic surgeon’s office in Beverly Hills.

The real person, 30, shared a clip of her in a white dress showing off her nude left while taking a butt injection to celebrate Mother’s Day. “Mother’s Day smiles are brought to you by the laughing gas,” he joked. In another clip, Farah shows her surgeon the tendency behind her new injection as she tells her followers, “It’s over there. I’m a very excited mom, check it out.” Also opt for facial filler, My teenage dream is over The author ends her mother’s makeover with an injection around her jaw.

Teenage mom Farah Abraham undergoes butt injection, more plastic surgery
Courtesy of Farah Abraham / Instagram

The MTV star has changed her look a few times since she first appeared in Season 1 16 and pregnant And Teenage mother Ozzy Alam is open to her plastic surgery journey with her followers. In the past, Farah has had extensive experience with rhinoplasty, chin implants and several breast augmentations. In 2017, she underwent a vaginal resuscitation surgery which she hoped would restore her to her pre-birth condition.

However, things took a turn for the worse in April 2018 when Farah faced embarrassment after sharing a video of her then 9-year-old daughter Sophia taking a butt injection while recording the procedure.

“You’re a scandal. Why is your daughter taking pictures?” An annoyed Instagram commenter asked. “Soon it will be Sophia herself. What kind of mother are you? If I had lived in the United States, I would have already called the Children’s Service, “said another.

Ready with his applause, Farah responds, “It’s not as aggressive as blood work or taking shots.” He added, “Our children are curious so Sophia has more energy to learn about beauty and health.”

Not unfamiliar with the public response, he recently faced a major controversy over allowing Sophia to have her septum pierced on her 13th birthday.

“Those who may think it’s inappropriate that my daughter has done her nose professionally, done legally, I’m working legally,” he explained to TMZ in February 2022. “So, congratulations to Sophia. I wish her the best in her teens, and if she wants to get more holes, she has more power. If she doesn’t, that’s great too.”

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