Finally a foundation that feels like your real skin

Do you ever think that you will be looking for a perfect foundation for the rest of your life? You’re buying bottle after bottle and nothing seems to be working. Yes, we know the feelings.

There are many reasons for the foundation.

First, you need to find the right shade – good luck. Most brands have 10 shades (maximum) and if you don’t fit in with them, you’re out of luck. Then you need to find the right coverage – very little and it does not cover effectively. Excessive and your skin is cak into a monotonous look mask. Then you need to find the right formula so that it does not clog your pores, make you oily or melt your face within an hour.

Off we’re just tired of thinking about it.

This is why it gets so exciting when a brand comes along that tests all those boxes and then some. Enter: HIDE.

HIDE is a cosmetics company that only makes foundations and concealers and there is no wonder why. They have mastered their formula for full and complete coverage of everything you want to cover and what you don’t want to do. We’re obsessed with how it feels on our skin!

Want to know more? Keep reading to get deets at HIDE’s groundbreaking foundation.

Hide: Finally a foundation that looks like your real skin

It’s all in the formula

What makes HIDE’s foundation great is its formula. You won’t even feel like wearing makeup.

Moderate coverage

There is a time for heavy coverage and a time for medium coverage. For everyday wear, we don’t necessarily want to block the natural texture and tone of our skin, we just want to get the color out and eliminate any discoloration.

HIDE’s foundation lets you brighten up your beauty. This is initially a moderate coverage, but as you build you can develop more complete coverage.

Lightweight and buildable

This brings us to a completely different point. The foundation of HIDE is fully constructable. Foundation sets up immediately so you can easily and quickly layer up your application. It blends evenly, so if you want to add more foundation to one part of your face than the other, the two parts look odd and perfect. What other basis can it say?

What’s more, the foundation doesn’t seem too heavy, even with multiple applications. We have seen that even on days where we have multiple layers, we forget that we are also wearing makeup; The way HIDE’s foundation looks light.

Cruelty-free and vegan

Another reason to love the HIDE Foundation is that the brand is fully committed to not testing on animals. We want to feel good about the products we apply to our face, and it is refreshing to know that it is fair and free from cruelty.

Not all foundations are equal. HIDE’s lightweight formula blends perfectly and evenly. After an application, we parted ways with our huge collection of (embarrassing) foundation bottles.

No more searching; We have found the perfect product.

Check out the formula you are looking for by purchasing HIDE’s Premium Foundation here.

There is a shadow for everyone

No matter what product you’re using, it’s hard to find the right shade of foundation. It doesn’t help that our skin, especially our facial skin, always seems to change color. It could be due to the season, a breakout or our diet.

This makes the foundation-finding process more difficult.

Find your shadow

Thanks, HIDE has a solution.

The foundation comes in 20 different shades. The brand is really aware of the skin tone undertone, ensuring that the foundation pigment mimics your own skin.

HIDE has a super useful Shade Finder Quiz so that you can better choose the right color for you. Take quizzes to discover the undertones and the right foundation for your skin.

Find the pair of your dreams

A makeup match in foundation and concealer paradise. These are our go-to products for evening gowns on our skin, to cover any blemishes and to accentuate our best features.

We love that HIDE has built around its entire brand foundation and concealer. It is clear that they have focused their efforts in the right place because together, their two products are a game-changer.

We prefer to go for a slightly brighter concealer color than our foundation, so that we can brighten the spots we use the most – under the eyes and above the chin.

HIDE’s foundation and concealer are available separately but pro-tip, you can buy them as a duo and save a bit. You are welcome

Reviews say it all

We are not the only ones who are obsessed with HIDE’s foundation. In fact, we are one of the many according to their website. Customers are overwhelmed with the medium coverage, the buildable formula.

5-stars, all around

You can never be 100% sure when you buy from an online cosmetics company. Without the in-store experience, this can be a bit risky.

We’re here to tell you that HIDE’s foundations are as good as they look on Instagram. There are many five-star reviews where people are commenting that they have finally found the foundation of their dreams. Here are some selections from their website:

  • “I found my perfect foundation match, I like it, it’s soft with the skin. I like it because it’s hydrating and it feels very light on the skin… my favorite ”- Carla S.
  • “Love this love love this foundation! It is smooth, it is light weight. I don’t have to cake my face with it and it covers all my rosacea that I love !!! Highly recommend this product! I’ll just buy the foundation now! ” – Katie P.
  • “Love it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your face.” – Katyuska R.

When people start using “love” about a product, it catches our attention.

It lasts and lasts

Many customers have also praised the HIDE Foundation for how long it lasts. You can apply makeup all over the face with HIDE’s foundation and concealer and after 12 hours you will look as fresh as coming out the door. Can any other foundation brand say that?

  • “I fell in love with the Hyde Foundation and Concealer. I finally found something that has perfect buildability coverage and is really sweat-proof. “- Candy L.
  • “Finally I found the perfect combination of concealer and foundation that will not dry out my skin and show my pores or patches of dry skin that are on my face but it covers my imperfections and it lasts longer than others I have used it. Like, I’m definitely going to be a repeat customer. “- Kelly M.

Sweat resistant, hydrated skin and long lasting wear. It’s a triple threat when it comes to foundation.

It feels like skin

What you see in HIDE’s reviews is that it seems so light Many forget that they even wear makeup.

  • “I love the new Hyde Foundation I ordered! It’s so light but still has coverage! There are no cookies, just smooth! ” – Britney T.
  • “One of the best full coverage foundations. Each stain is covered, light. Looks very normal, I would recommend to anyone. – Tiffany L.
  • “This foundation is really great! The coverage is great and you don’t have to use a lot of products. It’s really light. My skin looked super healthy. I was skeptical, but I’m glad I tried it!” – Brittany M.

There is nothing worse than a foundation that looks great in the mirror, then looks like a cake or settles on the creases of your face at work or at a party. It’s like the ultimate bait and switch.

HIDE’s loose, light formula reverses. It really felt like leather.

Read more reviews and see some amazing makeup looks that HIDE customers have posted there.

Ready to try HIDE’s foundation?

We advise everyone to hide. Seriously, we can’t stop talking about how incredible this foundation is.

It is very difficult to find a product that does not cake, does not melt or freeze on your crease and HIDE does all these things and allows you to brighten up your natural beauty. It’s nice to have a foundation that effectively covers what we want to hide (hello, brand name), but it doesn’t mask what we want to show.

What’s more, it’s probably one of the most affordable premium foundations out there. Forget designer labels. HIDE is the best foundation in the market. Their industry-changing formula has made us lifelong loyal customers.

Shop for the foundation on HIDE’s website and see if it can do something incredible for your skin and makeup routine. Once you do this we have the feeling, you will join all those positive reviewers with your 5-star look.

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