Following his resignation, Judge Jesse Williams drastically reduced child support payments

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Arin Drake-Lee, the ex-wife of Jesse Williams, had to get a job when a judge drastically reduced her monthly সহায় 40K for child support payments.

The former “Gray’s Anatomy” star appealed to a judge to reduce her child support payments, saying her ex should get a job.

In his response, Drake-Lee said he would not have to get a job because of his high-paying acting gig.

According to TMZOne judge favored Jesse and “temporarily revised” his monthly child support payment to $ 6,413 based on his current salary of $ 1,668 per week.

Arin Drake-Lee, Mess and Sadie Williams


According to court documents Radar onlineDrake-Lee says he believes his ex has the necessary funds to continue providing সহায়তা 40K a month in agreed support for their two children.

Later To finalize their divorce In 2020, the couple agreed that Jesse would support শিশু 40,000 per month in child support and that he would keep the house.


In his motion to reduce his child support payment, Jesse pleaded with the judge, saying he had decided to leave. Gray’s physiology So that he can grow as an artist. She Currently acting In a Broadway play, Take me outBut his salary is only $ 1,668 per week – a mere sum Gray’s physiology Salary check

Jesse said Drake-Lee should return to his lucrative career as a real estate agent in New York. But his attorney disagreed:

“… he failed to specify [Aryn] She left her prosperous career in New York more than 13 years ago to relocate to California to support and focus her acting career and business. Her ‘income’ at the time of her marriage as her unofficial manager is now comparable to her income. “

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