Following the Britney Greene trend, it was announced that Russia had recently released a US version

Brittany Greener

Russia recently released a U.S. Marine veteran after Brittany Greener announced the trend because she is in custody.

Its fans and loved ones Brittany Greener He is seeking answers as to why he is in Russian custody.

As previously reported, the February 17 WNBA star Brittany Greener, 31, was detained at Moscow airport when Russian authorities claimed to have found VAP cartridges during a search of his luggage. The report said the cartridges contained oil derived from marijuana, which could carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. News spread last month (March 17) that a Moscow court had ruled in favor of the extension Brittany Greener Arrested until May 19. Russia’s state news agency Tass quoted the court as saying.

“The court granted the request for an investigation and extended the detention of U.S. citizen Greener until May 19.”

Brittany Greener

Its supporters Griner They have been rallying for his release since his initial arrest, and after the recent release of a senior U.S. Marine from Russian authorities, they are now demanding an update on his case.

According to reports, Russia and the United States have exchanged an unexpected prisoner, U.S. Marine veteran Trevor Reid, 30, for a convicted Russian drug trafficker who is serving a long prison term in the United States. Reid was reportedly sentenced to nine years in prison in 2020 for endangering the “life and health” of Russian police officers in a brawl. Although Reed and his family have denied the allegations against him. After nearly three years in captivity, it was announced on Wednesday (April 27) that Reed would soon return to the country with his family.

Following the announcement, many took to Twitter to make calls Greener As well as release.

Reid was one of the few Americans to be held captive by Russia, including the WNBA star Brittany Greener, And the family of Michigan Corporate Security Executive Paul Huilan, who has been arrested on espionage-related charges. Hopefully, Griner Will be home soon! On March 22, it was reported that he had received official access for the first time since his arrest.

Brittany Greener and wife Cheryl Greener

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