Former Ben Affleck Katie Cherry responds to Jennifer Lopez’s engagement.

Helpful exes! FoolIts ex-girlfriend Katie Cherry Response to his engagement to the fianc Jennifer Lopez In an exclusive interview with In contact.

“I think Ben and J. Lo’s engagement is really, really great,” says the film composer. “It’s so exciting. I knew it would happen! I’m so happy for her. She was looking for love.”

When he and Retreat The actor did not act, Katie has no ill wishes at all about her ex-boyfriend and Thee Marry me The actress noted that she was “not at all surprised about the engagement.”

Katie adds, “It’s kind of good that they’ve come back together after so many years and gone through everything.” “It simply came to our notice then. Ben must be looking for love, and he seems to be. “

Katie and Ben met in the dating app Raya in 2019, he said earlier In contact. After their romance, Ben and the actress became estranged Ann of Arms Dating rumors spread in March 2020.

When the second chance of love came with him Selina The star, Katie, thinks Ben “just wants to be permanent and stay with someone forever.”

Jennifer Lopez screams out to Ben Online
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“Hopefully it will last, unlike other Hollywood couples, but I think I’ve already tried it once. [being engaged] And it didn’t work out – and now that they’re more mature, and they’ve gone through a lot more personally – that’s probably the recipe for success, “he adds.” He and Jay Lo are much older and wiser now. “

About the “Jenny from the Block” artist’s stunning 6 million engagement ring, Katie thinks it’s “really beautiful.” And if asked Goodwill The co-author was so generous to him, he reveals that he “never bought me anything, but I feel for him, for them” and points out that “money doesn’t really matter, and if it comes from his heart, that’s it” It’s really important. “

“Ben has a big heart,” he added.

J. Lowe and Ben first met on the set of their 2002 film Lilis, And they were appointed later that year. Although they finally split in 2004, the exotic lovers remain friendly and follow their relationship with their ex-wife: Mark AnthonyWith which J. Low shares twin children Max and Amy Muniz, and Jennifer GarnerWith whom Ben shares children Violet, Serafina and Samuel Affleck.

After being separated for about 20 years, J. The famous couple started dating again after Lo broke up his engagement with his ex-fianc Alex Rodriguez April 2021. A year later, “On My Way” pop star him and Argo April 8 The actor’s second engagement in a video that was published in his newsletter, “JLO”. Just four days later, J. Lowe described how her “beautiful love” offered him a bath.

“[I] Just looking into his eyes and smiling and at the same time trying to turn my head by crying that it was happening again, “he wrote in his post,” how it went down, “adding,” I was quite literally speechless, and he said, ‘Is that yes?’ I said, ‘Yes, of course it’s a yes.’

For the part of Ben’s ex-wife, an insider says exclusively In contact On Monday, April 11, their kids added that “Ben and J. Lowe’s engagement is a big priority for her,” adding that she’s “accustomed to seeing Ben jump deep, so I wouldn’t say she’s shocked about the engagement.”

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