Former Black China manager claims second season of ‘Rob and China’ never had

Black China

The former manager of Blac Chyna claims that the second season of ‘Rob & Chyna’ has never been confirmed by E!

Reality TV star Black Chinese The former manager / lawyer denies that “Rob & China” was greenlight for the second season.

Black Chinese Former Manager / Lawyer, Walter Mosley, Take the latest position Black China Vs. Kardashian During his trial, the lawyer claimed that there was never a contract in the second season of “Rob & China”. ClarificationWalter Explained that the show started filming the second episode during the filming of Season 1. However, he said he did or did not Black China The network has received legal documentation confirming plans for future season production.

As previously reported, Black China33, is currently suing the reality TV family Kardashian, Accused of canceling his spin-off show in 2017. According to the case, e! The network has already allowed acting in two film seasons of the reality series China And his then fiance Rob Kardashian. However, China He claims that his in-laws do not like him and conspired together to cancel the show.

Promo shooting of ‘Rob and China’

Walter Also the fact that he has bargained for a হত্যা 100,000 ‘murder fee’ China Was excluded from the network as a genius. In addition, he claims that the reality star was paid $ 370,000 for four episodes of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. SKIMS owner Kim Kardashian He also testified in this regard. It is learned that the reality star was upset China Was brought to “KUWTK” and paid for without the consent of the family. In an email published in the trial, Kim Who wrote it? Network Executor:

“No one listens to us … no one respects us.”

It is known that Kim Kardashian Also threatens the network. Suggests that he and his family leave “KUWTK” if they take pictures with it China Continuing, he allegedly wrote:

“You would lose the rest of the Kardashians and the genres if they did [E!] Continued filming with China.

Kim Kardashian

In addition, Kim Kardashian Admit to having a serious hatred for the spoken China. Demand for tension in the reality star China And the family grew up after the December 2016 incident, where China Allegations of beatings Rob With a metal bar. Text messages raised in the case have revealed that Kim Texted his family after the alleged violent altercation, urging all of them to “contact the selectors by phone” for an apparent discussion. China The future of the show. However, Kim He said under oath that he did not remember the exact reason for sending the crazy message.

China The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Reality Star recently instructed a judge to subpoena to make money from the short-term series in question. However, China The offer was rejected. The damage has not yet been decided.


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