Former Brady Jenner of Avril Lavin ‘Happy’ for her engagement

There is no hatred here! April LavigneIts ex Brady Jenner “Happy” for singer in news of her engagement Mode sunSays a source In contact About how great the ex couple is on great terms.

“Avril remains on friendly terms with former Brady Jenner. There are definitely no hard feelings, “said Insider.

Despite their separation, Avril, 37, and Brody, 38, remain friends, and Brody even spends time with her husband and wife.

“In fact, Avril, Mod Sun and Brady hang out together,” the source shared. “Not all the time but when they are running around with each other, they are all drinking with Mod Sun at LA Broady. They all agree. “

Since there is no bad blood between the former partners, the source says that Brody is really happy for the “complex” singer to be engaged with his mode. He “sent them greetings.”

“Brady wants nothing more than great things for Avril and Mod Sun and is not at all jealous of their busyness,” the insider added.

The “Sk8er Boy” singer and his now-engaged fianc broke the news of their engagement on Thursday, April 7, with Mod writing, “The day we met I knew you were one. We’ll be together forever until our days are over.” However, before Avril’s romance with Mode, the singer had a serious relationship with Brody.

Avril and Mountains Alum romantically tied the knot in 2010. They dated for two years until their breakup in January 2012 when Avril had to go on tour and Brady did not want to join.

Avril Lavin dating and marriage history

“It was reciprocal, but Brody really severed ties with him,” a source said Our weekly At the time “he told her he was always tired of being her plus-one and would always go on tour with her.”

Following her breakup with Brody, the now-registered star left and began dating Mod in February 2021. The couple met while working on Avril’s current album, Love sex. After a quick bond, the collaboration became romantic.

The “FU” singer, who was previously romantically linked to the YouTube personality Tana Mangeu And Bella ThorneThe question popped up with Avril when the two proposed with a heart-shaped diamond ring while in Paris.

“It was the most perfect, romantic offer I could ever ask. We were in Paris in a boat on the Seine. We had a violinist, champagne and roses. It seemed like time was running out, and at the moment we were both,” Said People After the proposal.

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