Former MTV ‘Making the Band’ star chopper arrested for sex trafficking


Former MTV ‘Making the Band’ star chopper arrested for sex trafficking

Looks like a former MTV reality star Chopper Being headlined again, however, this time it’s not for being on a hit show!

According to reports, “Making the Band” star Chopper He was recently arrested for sex trafficking. He was arrested in Maryland earlier this month but is being extradited to Las Vegas to face sex trafficking charges. A Nevada undercover detective claiming to be a sex worker has claimed that the musician sent a direct message to their Instagram offering to make money through prostitution, the report said.

After the search, the undercover police added Chopper On the IG account they noticed several posts related to prostitution and pimping. In a questionable post, the former reality star is on the phone while inside a private jet. He captioned the post,

“They are being sent [money bag emjoi] [crown emoji]”


According to court documents, Chopper The secret police boast about being a frequent traveler and having 7 homes across the country, including one in Las Vegas. He also told them that Las Vegas is not a safe place to do sex work because law enforcement is cracking down. In addition to that, the documents added that after a phone interview Chopper And somehow passing the test, MTV Alum told the disguised sex worker that he would make them part of his “team” and “stable”.

When it is Chopper He is said to have become aggressive with the police, apparently ordering them around to do what he could with a sex worker. He told her to pack up, go to the airport and meet him in Charlotte, NC to join her “stable.” Police say they are afraid to leave the house Chopper They verbally tried to force them to make the trip and demanded a 2,000 fee, according to court documents.

Suspicious social media posts, alleged direct messages, phone calls and fee claims were sufficient evidence to arrest and charge law enforcement. Chopper With criminal sex trafficking.


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