Funk Flex calls Taxstone ‘New York punk’ because he addresses media personalities

Funk Flex, Charlemagne Tha God, Taxstone

Funk Flex calls Taxstone ‘New York punk’ because he talks about media personality claims
That he beat up Charlemagne tha God

Radio host Funkmaster Flex The recent allegations against him are clear.

When doing an interview Millions of dollars worth of games Podcasts, media personalities Taxstone That allegation Funk flakes Once a fellow radio host made a hit out Charlamagan tha khoda. The former Hot 97 The host recently responded to serious allegations, detailing and disclosing the details of the incident Taxstone.

Funk flakes Says:

“What happened to New York … you put on your cape. Remember the cape? Charlemagne cape? You put it on – because you told Charlemagne that he was beaten.”

He continued:

“Look at New York… there are two different types of punk. You can be a punk from New York, but you can be a punk from out of town. So when you take a punk from out of town and put him in New York, and then you find this guy from Brooklyn who wasn’t invited that day… and the first thing he says to you is, ‘You know their beaters, you get up, someone’s been killed.’


According to Disc JockeyTaxstone To say Charlemagne Of Flex’s Allegedly hitting him for profit Charlemagne Believe when he deals with the situation, Flex Mentioned Charlemagne And several times as a “punk” Taxstone As “fake extortionists”. He further explained the truth behind the claim and made further:

“Right there, Punk is peeing in his pants now … fake extortionist, he sees it. ‘Oh this guy pissing in his pants? I tell him more. And pay the flex to get bopped on your head. You need my protection. Me and you We are friends now. ‘ ‘Yes my man, did he hit him?’ – It’s crazy. So you know the person who killed the person who beat you. Now imagine Charlemagne’s face as he tells her this. ‘Oh, he’ll kill me. They will kill me. Don’t shoot me! Who is this man? Why is he in the studio? ‘

Funk flakes

Flex Then the address Of Taxstone Allegedly that fellow radio host Hebrew When was upset Charlemagne Helped Of Taxstone Emerging media careers. Flex Says:

“If you think Ebro cares about it, you’re joking.”

Radio host Hebrew Also denied Of Taxstone Claims recently said:

“It doesn’t matter, sir. Why would anyone bother to help you and do a show? The problem I had was that you thought it would be a good idea to follow my daughter’s mother on Instagram.” So I called the MTV executives and suspended you. I didn’t fire you, I just wanted you to know that I could go into your pocket. I’m not a street friend and we can’t see each other. I’m not doing that, brother. “


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