Gary Coleman – Former SNL star Molly Shannon claims actor sexually harassed her

Gary Coleman – Former ‘SNL’ star Molly Shannon claims actor sexually harassed her: she was relentless

Actress / Comedian Molly Shannon Opening mouth with a horrible incident that happened with Gary Coleman.

During a recent interview, Molly Shannon, 57, reveals that he was once sexually harassed by the late “Different Stroke” star, Gary Coleman The veteran also described the incident in detail in his new memoir, “Hello, Molly!”

At the time of the harassment complaint, Molly Shannon Just signed up Gary Coleman Agent and was given the opportunity to meet with him. According to Shannon, He was invited up Coleman Penthouse hotel room next to their shared agent. However, the situation quickly deteriorated when the agents left them alone. Shannon Remember,

“I think he was,‘ Sit down [on the bed]. ‘ It was so sweet. And then he, like, tickled me a little. This and that. “

Shannon Said he was “trying to be polite” about the refusal. Coleman Progress, indicating that she was “a virgin” at the time of the incident. But he claims Coleman Became more aggressive. Molly Shannon Explained,

“She is OK. Then, he was like trying to kiss me and wanted to get up and I was like, ‘No, Gary. Stop. ‘ So, I pushed him away. Then, I would get out of bed. Then, he would jump into bed. Jump, jump, jump. And wrapped myself around me. Then, I want him to escape. And then he got on top of me. I guess I didn’t feel physically threatened because of his size. But that continued. Repeating. I would drop him, he would come back. And then finally, I throw him out. I was really breathing because it was athletic and aerobic. “

He goes on

“He grabbed me by the legs and I was too [trying to] Kicking him and then, I go to lock myself in the bathroom and then he puts his hand under the door. And she’s like, ‘I can see you.’

The “superstar” actress said she finally “ran out” of the house and later called her agent a “watch” Coleman Good. Shannon Added

“If only I could stand up for myself.”

Gary Coleman He died in 2010 at the age of 42. Prior to his death, the actor was taken to the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center for intracranial bleeding at his home.

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