Gigi Hadid’s mother Yolanda and Jane Malik: Where they stand now

Cold shoulder. Gigi HadidHis mother Yolanda Hadid“Didn’t forgive” his daughter’s ex Join the owner For their alleged quarrel, a source says exclusively Lifestyle.

“Yolanda has calmed down since the conflict, but she has no time for Zayn and has not forgiven her for the alleged incident,” the insider said.

But a separate source assures Lifestyle That former One Direction band member, 29, is “making tremendous progress” after the highly publicized scandal.

The second insider added, “Anger management classes really helped him get to a better place.” “Everything is going well, except for Yolanda, who urges her daughter not to back down, but to move forward.”

The 27-year-old model and “Dusk Till Dawn” artist, who shares daughter Khai, has been on “friendly terms” since their divorce in October 2021, an additional source said earlier. Lifestyle.

Gigi and Zayn are back together - where they are today
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That same month, a source confirmed the matter In contact That Jane and Gigi, 58, were “silently separated” because of a disagreement between Jane and Yolanda. At that time, The real housewife of Beverly Hills Alum complains that the “pilot” singer “hit him” during a heated argument.

Although Zayn “steadfastly” denied the allegations, she pleaded not guilty to the four counts of harassment arising out of the dispute, according to court documents. Lifestyle At the time the musician was ordered 90 days of access per count – which was a total of 360 days – to take anger management classes and stay away from Yolanda, along with paying court fines and other fines.

After the drama, Jane took to Twitter to explain the situation, citing her and Gigi’s daughter Khai as her priorities.

“As you know, I am a private person, and I want to create a safe and private place for my daughter to grow up,” the British singer wrote in October 2021. “A place where personal family matters are not thrown into the world stage is to push and separate for everyone. In an effort to protect that space, I agree. [no] I claim competition because of an argument with a member of my partner’s family [sic]That my partner entered our house a few weeks ago while he was away. “

For the part of Gigi and Zayn, exes started their on-off relationship in 2015. However, after welcoming their 1-year-old in September 2020 and occasionally talking about their new role as parents, they seem to be getting stronger.

“Our baby girl is here, healthy [and] Beautiful, ”Zine wrote via Instagram at the time, announcing the birth of their child. “It would be impossible to put into words how I feel now. The love I feel for this little man is beyond my comprehension. Grateful to know him, proud to call him mine [and] We are grateful for the life we ​​will spend together. “

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