Ginger Dugar is celebrating Easter in a white jumpsuit and heels

Fashionista. Celebrate Easter after a stunning white jumpsuit and heels. The former To count The star showed off her stylish outfit in a new photo with her husband, Forget Jeremy.

The couple wrapped their arms around each other and posed in front of the garage. Ginger, 28, looked gorgeous in a short-sleeved white jumpsuit with a matching belt to highlight her waist. She pulled the look together with naked high heels. Meanwhile, Jeremy, 34, looks handsome in khaki pants, a button-up shirt and a navy jacket.

Jeremy shared a slow-moving video of the couple celebrating Easter on Instagram on Sunday, April 17th. “Happy Easter! He’s alive, “he wrote. The former footballer also revealed that his daughter Felicity, 3, took the video.” Photo-that-became-a-slow-motion-video-credited: Felicity, “Jeremy concludes with the caption.

The couple tied the knot in 2016. In addition to Felicity, they share daughter Evangeline, 1.

Ginger Duggar celebrates Easter with her husband Jeremy wearing a stunning white jumpsuit and heels
Forget Ginger / Courtesy of Instagram

When Ginger’s parents Jim Bob And Michelle Dugar – Raising their daughters in conservative attire, the mother of two has become more adventurous with her fashion choices in recent years. In a quote from his memoirs, he spoke of his decision to break away from his family’s modesty protocol, The Hope We Hold.

“My mother always wore our girls’ skirts and dresses, a standard taken from Deuteronomy 22: 5, which says, ‘A woman should not wear men’s clothing,'” Ginger wrote. “Dignity was a huge issue in our home and we believed that wearing a skirt instead of pants was a central part of being modest. But I wanted to find out for myself what the Bible says. ”

“Growing up, I had some values ​​that I took for granted. A [But] My conviction was changing, “he added. A local Arkansas resident added that “he has never found a passage that specifically forbids women to wear pants.”

In March 2022, Ginger disobeyed her parents by wearing pants at her brother Jeremiah’s wedding. The 19 children and counting Alum rocked a pair of white dress pants while posing with her sisters Jennifer And Johanna Duggar In a photo that resurfaced on Reddit after the wedding.

In addition, ginger – dubbed the “rebellious dugout” – has been seen wearing tight skinny jeans in the past.

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