Granger Smith teaching infant son to swim after drowning accident: Video

Country singer Granger Smith After losing his 3-year-old son to the river in a drowning accident in 2019, his infant son is not taking any chances with his safety.

“I never thought I’d post anything like this,” Granger, 42, shared alongside a video he shared via Instagram on Thursday, April 28. The video shows an 8-month-old Maverick baby learning to survive in the water while swimming.

Country singer Granger Smith teaches 8-month-old boy how to swim after his son drowned
Courtesy of Granger Smith / Instagram

The proud father added, “My heart is torn.” “She is fully clothed and wearing diapers. He can barely crawl, but now he knows how to hold his breath, twist his body, find air, float on his back, and cry. He can do it first on the head, first on the legs or any adaptation. He has the ability to float until help arrives. ”

Granger and wife Amber Smith Their son is encouraging all parents to learn about water conservation after losing the river in June 2019.

“It’s a terrible mistake to think that caring for adults is enough,” the singer shared. “Listen to me. I thought so too.”

In a recent video shared on the family’s YouTube channel, Granger opened up about his PTSD after his son’s tragic death.

“You will not answer [infant swim rescue]. I support Amber 100 percent, “he said, referring to his wife as” Rockstar. ”

Amber, 40, shared a picture of their infant son on her own Instagram account, saying, “It wasn’t easy for me. The first few lessons saw her cry, I wanted to fix her, but I trusted the process.

“We have decided to give Maverick the skills he needs to find the air,” he added. “The skill that River needed that we didn’t know, and my righteousness, he did it !!”

Granger and Amber – parents of daughter London, 10, and son Lincoln, 8 – have some tips for parents this summer.

“Take care, install a fence … install a pool alarm, never use the float, always use a Coast Guard authorized life jacket in open water, enroll children in the ISR,” Granger shared. “If not, fill your pool with dirt and make a garden.”

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