Hamza’s sister Rawaiya Memphis published the text

Yes. Quarrel in 90 day engagement: 90 days ago Star Memphis Smith And her husband Hamza McNair Sister Rabia Makni, The couple split rumors are heating up as fuel continues.

On Friday, April 15, Instagram Stories released a screenshot of an alleged text message thread between her and her brother-in-law, expressing her brother’s concern for the ex-husband of the Tunisian local Memphis and the father of one of his children. Justin Sandoval.

“Didi, I don’t mind talking to Hamza [sic] Your ex-husband but he [feels] You get jealous when you go to his house alone, “said Ravia’s message to Memphis.

The Michigan resident, 35, replied, “Justin isn’t here, he’s at work and I’ll leave when he gets here. I can’t leave the kids alone.” Hamza, 28, should be “happy” because he could not have gone to Tunisia without Justin, Memphis defended his ex and reiterated that he was a “good man and a good father”.

Continuing to support Hamza, Rawaiya wrote in response, “He [understands] Your condition but he can’t hide it [feelings] He is that [feels] When you are jealous [sic] At your ex-husband’s house. ”

“Okay, then he doesn’t have to be with me,” Memphis replied. “Because she knows Justin is in the kids’ lives and he’s helping me a lot right now. I’m done arguing. ”

After that evening, shedding more light on the situation in her Instagram story, Ravaya continued, “I think it’s time to talk about the truth and what my brother went through. Trying to make someone look bad and call him a liar is inhumane. I have proof of every word. ”

“The first thing I will explain is why Hamza wants to move to another city with his wife and children, and you can find the answer. I just want you to tell lies to other people, “said Rawaya. “You are just trying to show your good side (it doesn’t exist) but your reality is worse. You want to hunt but you are a cheater and your mask will fall off soon. “

Apparently defining his sister’s messages, Hamza soon wrote his own Instagram story, “When a person can no longer control you, how will they try to control you? [others] See you. These lies may seem unfair, but stay away from it, believing that other people will eventually see the truth as you do. ”

Following the announcement on social media by Hamza and Ravia, the mother of three had her own reaction. “I don’t have to defend their lies anymore! I didn’t benefit from them at all, “he wrote on his Instagram store a few hours later. It’s bad to say but true !! ”

Despite leaving Season 5 90 day engagement: 90 days ago As one of the strongest couples, rumors of a split escalated on April 7 when Hamza’s sister answered questions from TLC fans on an Instagram Q&A. “Do you think Memphis treats your brother well?” A follower asked. Without giving much detail, Rawai simply replied, “No.”

While Memphis or Hamza did not confirm the breakup, the nurse practitioner scrubbed all her Instagram photos of her Tunisian ex and the pair no longer follow each other.

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